to e-Scapes Photography – the Visual Healer

e-Scapes PhotographyTM  is owned by photographer Vicki McKay and features the digital fine art images of Vicki McKay and Brett Groves. Our purpose is to bring nature, and all the health and well-being that it has to offer, back into your home, office and life as a form of visual healing.  By conveying healing, comforting and revitalizing scenes, we strive to combat Nature Deficit Disorder, all the health dilemmas that we suffer as a result of our disconnect with nature. Considerable research shows that nature, including images of it, has a myriad of benefits to our lives. These include improved relaxation and stress reduction, increased attentiveness and mental sharpness leading to higher levels of problem solving, creativity and productivity, better relationships through increased cooperation, teamwork and conflict resolution and even accelerated healing times. Nature is now being used to treat many illnesses and injuries as well as a preventative measure.

e-Scapes PhotographyTM  focusses on the colours, patterns, textures and overall beauty of nature which we have organized into themed galleries (Autumnscapes, Abstractscapes, Beachscapes, Cloudscapes, Critterscapes, Landscapes, Lighthousescapes, Nightscapes, Plantscapes, Riverscapes, Rockscapes, Treescapes, Stormscapes, Sunscapes, Waterscapes and Winterscapes). In addition, the People’s Choice gallery showcases our most popular pieces while the Gallery-wrapped Canvas gallery shows all images currently available on canvas (most other images can be produced on canvas upon request). Feel free to browse through our FOUR pages of image galleries by clicking on the small numerals (1, 2, 3 and 4) at the bottom of the each page of gallery thumbnails. Each gallery can be viewed by clicking on the orange “see photo” button beside the thumbnail picture for each gallery.

Our fine art photography is presented as matte-finish, ready to hang, gallery-wrapped canvas to maximize its’ visual healing powers.  This format focusses the viewer on the peacefulness of the natural imagery rather than on fancy framing, shiny glass or reflections of the surroundings.  The matte finish gives the images a natural, realistic appearance, like a window to the outdoors. Unusual sizes (long, narrow landscape and portrait formats) and orientations (e.g. images hung on an angle) make our work recognizable and unique.  Many images are realistic, although some are abstracted through in camera or post production techniques.  A number of people have indicated that particular pieces really “speak” to them, while many have commented that the images appear “three dimensional”. We also produce 8″ x 10″, 11″ x 14″ and 13″ x 19″ prints on matte or luster photographic paper that you can frame as you wish, as well as greeting cards and bookmarks.

For notices regarding website updates, as well as shows and events that we will be participating in, please Like Us on Facebook (E-Scapes Photography).  On-line purchasing will also be available in the near future.  Thanks for your interest and support!  Please come back soon.

Please note that all photos are © Vicki McKay or © Brett Groves.  Please contact us at info@e-scapesphotography.ca for licensed use, to make an inquiry or a purchase. Thanks.

Come…let nature heal you!