About Vicki McKay

From an early age, walking the family farm with my grandfather, and exploring natural areas around Brant County and Ontario’s cottage country with my father, I became fascinated with and fell in love with nature. I immersed myself in the outdoors at every opportunity and made it my goal to know and understand what I observed.  This interest and connection, along with a concern for the environment, has led to a 20 plus year career as a professional biologist and environmental project manager which continues to this day. While this choice has led to daily involvement with meaningful habitat restoration, environmental cleanup and species at risk recovery projects, it has also led to a world that is predominantly managed from indoors via computers, e-mail and the internet.

Through my digital photography of majestic scenery and beautiful plants and wildlife (see land-, water-, cloud-, sun-, critter-, plant- and tree-scapes galleries), I liberate myself from the depressing and stagnant indoor world where so much of our lives are spent.  As I reconnect with the natural world, it stimulates my creativity as I experience and seek to capture all the health and well-being that it offers.  My fine art prints focus on the vibrancy of colour, pattern and texture that are innate in our natural environment. Panoramas present the grandeur of Mother Nature, recalling the simple, yet incredible beauty of life.  By conveying these scenes and their powerful healing, comforting and revitalizing effects back into every day life, I strive to combat Nature Deficit Disorder – all the health dilemmas that we suffer as a result of our disconnect with nature.  By facilitating reconnections with nature, I hope to foster a deep understanding of nature’s many values and, in doing so, contribute to the conservation of our remaining natural areas.  Come…let nature heal you!